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Debra 07/03/2018

It has been several months since I began the process of liquidating my assets with Rosland Capital and I am very discouraged by this company's failure to to get my money back to me. Rosland is difficult to contact and it is almost impossible to talk to a person. I am now very worried.....

Susan 12/19/2018

We invested over $40,000 of our life savings and were told by "Tyler" (who has since been fired) that there was no fee or charge WHATSOEVER when liquidating or selling back The Gold that we had purchased. Had we been told the truth. we never would have trusted them with our savings. The Truth: they keep/take 30-35% of the value of your gold and you only receive a 65-70% return . Luckily, we recorded all phone conversations of their lies And are now looking for a good Lawyer.

PLEASE, PLEASE don't give this unethical company your hard earned money. These people are corrupt and Fraudulent !! Record Every Conversation !!! These corrupt people will lie and say anything to Get you to buy gold from them.

Walter 11/12/2017

Rosland Capital is practicing purposely deceptive sales practices to confuse customers. They refuse to clearly inform the customer of the actual cost of the "spread" they charge customers. This "spread" should be presented as a clear dollar figure to make it clear to the customer how much they are paying for product and how much they are being charged for the "spread". They also do not make the clear the actual "spread" for each product if you buy 2 different products, they only provide an "average" spread. There are numerous complaints on this site about the shoddy practices of Rosland Capital and the result is customers (often elderly who are thinking they are buying precious metals) who are purposely deceived and then also responded in a purposeful delayed fashion.

ALAN 7/29/2017


I would certainly Caution Everyone before proceeding with Rosland Capital's claim that GOLD is a good investment. I certainly believe their claim and personally believe that GOLD at this time is a Good investment. My problem is with Rosland Capital's claim their program is an excellent way to do it. I strongly believe they are running a scam. Believe me when they will require GOLD to increase a whooping 35% just for you break even. This fee is enormous and in addition to all the annual maintenance fees. Don't believe me but really look at the small print. When I was skeptical about why I never really got an accurate value of my account and was told all kinds of stories. After over a year and having the market go up and finding out I just lost 35% is mind boggling!!!!! What was more amazing is how they explain and tell you you were explained all of this. Now here is the kicker and my not getting mad but get even.................the Rosland Capital representatives is Ralph Desuse and Josh ???? Now I feel much better after I see the TV ad where William DeVane talks about how this program is so good. Guess I know where the 35% is going. I hope I can save a few from getting taking to the cleaners.

Bill 11/03/2018

Rosland Capital (RC) are thieves. They practice deceptive trade practices. Everything their spokesman W. Devaine on Fox News says is a lie. You do not get what you ordered. I purchased 43 1oz gold buffalos and 7 10oz morgan silver bars. I received 67 1/4oz swiss gold coins and 7 silver bars that were not morgan. I discussed this with RC and was instructed that the deal I received was good for me. I replied I want what I ordered to which he replied that **** take a long time, I haven't heard back from them since. I would like to advise precious metal buyers to beware of this scam and Rosland Capital.

Ron 01/16/2018

A few year's ago, I bought 5 gold coins from Rosland. They were $1900 ea. I had no reason not to trust this "famous well advertised, on FOX even" company. But they are genuine thieves. I found out after, that the coins were only worth $1200 to $1300 each. So they cheated me out of at least $3000. I'm 82 now, and a lot smarter. These coins are all rated MS61. A $1900 coin would be at least MS65 or 66 I had no experience buying gold coins, and had not heard of the MS rating system.

Jack 02/12/2017

I bought 11 St Gauden 20 dollar gold pieces for $2, 592.00 each on when they were going for about 2, 100 everywhere else. Their salesman Joe insisted over and over again that since they would buy them back anytime for what they are currently SELLING them for, I figured it wouldn't matter. Turns out that was a total lie!! When I tried to sell em back to them. I was told that they would only buy them at the wholesale price that they get from their suppliers. TOTAL RIP OFF!

Gil 10/31/2017 I am writing to warn all potential buyers. Do Not Use Rosland Capital. They are going to charge you roughly 28-33% to obtain your "gold" or other precious metal. They are purposely deceptive. Please ask them what you can expect to be refunded if you return the items you buy in 1 month and the value of the asset has not changed. You will lose roughly 30%. My father bought gold and silver coins from Rosland in 2015 (end of 2015) and both gold and silver have APPRECIATED since the day he purchased. When we inquired about selling the coins the value had gone from $49,000 to $29,0000. My father was 80 years old when he purchased this asset, he spent a career in the financial services industry and he was misled. Do not buy anything from this company, they are making money on the fees they charge to scared and confused customers.